Welcome, to my site..

Petey's BB Themes is a site that i wanted to start so I could host my own themes. All of my themes will be free, but donations are always welcome through PayPal. Most of the themes I will have posted, will be for the Curve OS 4.5, because I myself have the Curve. If you have a different phone i.e. Pearl, Bold, Storm, etc., then please feel free to post in the forum and let me know, and I will put a version up for you. I am also accepting theme requests as long as they are not too farfetched. If you have you any questions, you can message me on the contact me page, or post in the forum, it does not matter. Well I hope you like my site, and my themes, and as time goes on, I will have more themes posted. And also, please leave feedback on the forums page.


Petey (Administrator)